Thank you for viewing my resume. However, a password is required to pass to the next sections. The reason is actually:


This year, when I was in the 7th grade, I was asked to upload a CV in the project competitions I applied for. While preparing my resume, I tried to write down the trainings and awards I received one by one. Even though they were all in one box, it took me a long time to organize them.

After listing all the documents, I started researching how to write a resume and saw e-portfolio sites with resume samples. But I had no knowledge of website design. I saw this photo while researching the website design. 

My documents were explaining how mixed content such as my awards can be transformed into a beautiful set, or site, by classifying and designing with Lego pieces. This photo was the reason for my decision to make this site. The process that I started with just preparing a resume turned into a personal blog. Since we have a lot of time at home during the pandemic, we also edited old photos with my family. Then I found the photos in iPhoto according to my document dates, having time and place information in all photos made my job very easy. Thus, my personal blog began to form.

With the help of Eren Abi patiently teaching me WordPress tools in the website design, my website was created exactly as I wanted. From now on I will update this place at every event. Thus, I want to set my goals by seeing what I can or cannot do. 


When I researched how to write a resume, Prof. Dr. I saw Ziya Selçuk's advice, 'write your resume, not your resume'. This word inspired me and I decided to write my goals here.


However, since the following sections are like my personal blog and there are photos of me and my friends, I entered with a password. I designed my password so that the people I share it with can also enter it. In this regard, I ask for your understanding.


Alp Ozpamir